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One-Line Bio

I'm your authentic Italian cooking lady. Nothing I like more than feeding people, except perhaps teaching people to cook great Italian food!


Brought up and educated in Malta, a great little Mediterranean island, I left to travel the world when I graduated. I previously worked in Teaching the English language to adult learners.I was lucky enough to live in Paris, Lisbon, Cairo, London, Barcelona and finally Bologna, while doing that.

I fell in love with Bologna when I got here in 1996 and have been here ever since. I started my Cook Italy cooking school in 1999, a way for me to stay on here doing what I like best of all. Making a job out of my passion was a great idea: I just never tire of sharing and teaching the ways and wisdom of the many traditional regional Italian cusines.

My cooking mantras:

Simplicity: less is more.
Flavour, colour, texture.
Local, seasonal and rooted in history.
Eat everything, in moderation.
When you eat an apple, eat an apple. When you drink tea, drink tea. Savour the moment.

I hope you enjoy my blog, I look forward to your comments and promise to reply to the all!

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